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Filmmaking, theatre, producing, directing, choreography, dancing, writing, multi-medium, visual art, performance wordscaping, acting

Courage, Creativity and Diversity

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The Diverse Abilities Panel
by Ariel Len of Zoey’s Projects

The following Diverse Abilities Project was selected by the Performance Studies International Conference in Germany, from 500 submissions in 40 countries.

Sunglasses Monologue Promo Shot There is still a persistent and incorrect perception amongst most of the public - and even amongst many worldwide government and other funders, investors, sponsors, arts/entertainment industry employers, and even many arts organizations - that there is a lack of Artists of Diverse Abilities (my created term to replace the DIScriminatory word DISabled) out there.

Ariel Len Promo Shot However, the inverse is actually true. There is in fact an Overflow or Abundance of Fantastically, Talented Artists of Diverse Abilities out there!!! We are out there working hard eery day, trying to Create and Show our own work, as well as to have our talents Equally Included and Represented in key projects in every arts genre. Yet even though it is 2017, we are still being very purposefully excluded from paid work, and from most opportunities, to both create and showcase our work, and to be included and Represented in mainstream and other arts/entertainment projects all over the world. This is due to the same attitudinal barriers a.k.a. DIScrimination, which are also faced by Womyn, Girls, and People of all other Diversities as well.  However, Artists of Diverse Abilities are probably the most Invisible of all the abovementioned groups of Diverse Artists.

How many famous or emerging Artists of Visible and/or Invisible Diverse Abilities can you name, from screen to stage, to any other arts mediums?

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Current Projects and Upcoming Events:

Words and Music Salon
Guest Performance Artist
Saturday, February 4, 2017
How Ariel Gets Her Groove On!!!
Feature length doc-experimental film
Currently in Post Production
What if H.D. (aka Hilda Doolittle) was Secretly into Dada???!!!
Short Film in Post Production

Recent Events:

Partnership with Menaka Thakkar Dance Co
Exploring Contemporary Dance with Natasha Bakht
Professional Dancer's Workshop Open to the Public to Observe
Invited Dancer and Choreographer of my own Spontaneous Movements

Saturday, October 8, 2016
Words and Music Salon
Guest Performance Artist
May 7, 2016
Panamania Arts
Dance Performer - Ambassador
Large scale, public participation of Peggy Baker's Flux Deluxe Dance piece
Nathan Phillip's Square
August 8 2015    2 shows    1:00 & 4:00
Peggy Baker's Flux Dance Workshop
Volunteered for testing of new choreography and choreography software for all ages, all abilities audience participation at various events
June 2015
Progress Festival
Make. Make Public.
Dancemakers and SummerWorks Joint Event
A workshop and live performance
Participant, Choreographer, and Dancer
February 2015

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